On the Launch of a Little Blogging Thing

So I just launched Proseful, a "lean, mean, distraction-free blogging machine." You can read more about why I made it and next steps in the official launch post.

I've long wanted—no, craved—to launch my own SaaS business. On the way to finally getting something launched, I've experienced a lot of ups, downs, abandoned projects, mental conversations, sleepless nights, excited mornings… I know lots of people out there can relate. So I'm planning to write about my experiences getting to this point, and on what happens going forward. If that's something that interests you, please stay tuned.

Also, I'm planning to make the journey and metrics (user numbers, financials, etc.) of the business open. I love reading about that kind of stuff. Why shouldn't I do it too?

Anyway, huge sigh of relief. 🕺

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